Tomáš Valiček – Connection

Tomáš Valiček – Connection

CONNECTION is an album interpreted in conjunction with significant Slovak and foreign guests. CD brings music to different genre, such as classic music, movie music, shanson and tango. A unique interpretation of the artists themselves gives an album a great sound and new games.

Release Date: 2021
Publishers: Alitera s.r.o
Format: CD

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R. Galliano Laurita
T. Valiček Aurora
E.Piaf – La vie en Rose
J.S.Bach – Suite No.2, Badinerie, BWV 1067
Y.Tiersen – La Noyée
L.McKennitt – Tango to Evora
H.Zimmer, J.N.Howard – The Dark Knight
A.Piazzolla – Violentango
T.Murena – Indifférence
Na Orave dobre (ľudová)
Práve hrá

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