For many people, classical music refers to a demanding and difficult musical style, but this is not the case. The exceptional compositions of accordion literature can be considered as a proof. They can be heard everywhere in the world, and the accordionist Tomáš Valiček is one of the interpreters of these works. His program includes works from romantic and virtuoso melodies to contemporary and technically demanding compositions.

Musical passion. This attribute sums up the musical spirit of this genre performed by Tomáš Valiček. At each performance, Tomáš dazzles his audience with his music and huge possibilities of creative energy. The real art has no boundaries, and Tomáš Valiček music proves it in a remarkable way. Musical creations and colour contrasts in his music are the combination of different genres of music.

An exceptional and specific type of music are works for accordion and orchestra. Tomáš Valiček collaborates with various important orchestras and has played a many concerts for accordion and orchestra.
His concert works include:

(for accordion and string orchestra)

ACONCAGUA – A.Piazzolla
(for bandoneon/accordion and string orchestra)

HOMMAGE A LIÉGE – A.Piazzolla 
(for bandoneon/accordion, guitar and string orchestra)
(for bandoneon/accordion, guitar and string orchestra)
(for bandoneon/accordion and string orchestra)

(for accordion and symphony orchestra)

ALINA – A.Gaynullin
(for accordion, string orchestra, choir and solo instruments: guitar, cello, French horn and percussion)

(for accordion and symphony orchestra)

ARMADIO – J.Laco, concert written for Tomáš Valiček.
(for accordion and small symphony orchestra)

As part of his concert activities, he also collaborated with important conductors, such as Vladimír Kiradjiev, Simon Chalk, Barak Tal, Oliver Dohnányi, Pavol Tužinský and others. He has also collaborated in concert with the Camerata Novisoliensis Orchestra, Slovak Sinfonietta Orchestra and the important Oxford Chamber Orchestra.

Tomáš Valiček is also the part of many groups having the opportunity not only to present himself as a soloist, but also as an accompanying artist. His virtuoso playing and improvisation is the important part of the concert performance and together with the ensemble they create interesting and original possibilities of the playing. He collaborates with many artists and groups such as the BPM band, Cinemagic band, Trio Dolce or the singer, pianist and composer of Armenian origin Karin Sarkisjan.

The project called SLOVAK NUEVO QUINTETO is a group of great musicians who interpret the famous works of the world-famous bandoneonist and composer Astor Piazzolla in various arrangements. Their unique interpretation of Argentine tango thus gives a new dimension to this genre in their specific interpretation and sound colour performance. The composition of this group consists of the accordion, the piano, the percussion, the violin and the double bass.

World music in the accordeon interpretation proves that the possibilities of the accordeon game are unlimited. Tomáš Valiček and his excellent performing different genres of music, such as hip-hop, rap, pop, film music, but also opera shows diversity, technique and colour of the accordion.

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